Activities 2011

- "Museos, Laboratorios y Observatorios Abiertos 2011", XVII Semana Nacional de la Ciencia y la Tecnología, Explora-CONICYT.  

 Departamento de Física, 4 y 6 de octubre 2011.  "Reología: ¿cómo fluyen los materiales?", Dr. Francisco Melo.   "Fractura en películas delgadas: ¿cómo se abre un envoltorio?", Dr. Eugenio Hamm  y "Efectos superficiales en líquidos", Dr. Francisco Santibañez.        


- "1000 Científicos, 1000 Aulas 2011", XVII Semana Nacional de la Ciencia y la Tecnología, Explora-CONICYT. 

Charla, "Anécdotas Científicas, Galileo y medio granulares", Nelson Sepúlveda. 7 de octubre 2011, Colegio Polivalente San Agustín, Melipilla.




Scientific dissemination in Chile should points at reducing the exclusion produced by the lack of accesss to knowledge of students, teachers and general public, in the whole country. Aware of this educational imperative, SMAT-C has created a Dissemination & Outreach (D&O) Office (DO2), as an effort to professionalize the act of sharing the scientific knowledge of the Center with the community in Chile. The purpose of the Office is to increase community awareness of SMAT-C and Soft Matter, mainly in issues related to the food industry and its impact in health and economy. The DO2 keeps up with the non-academic and non-industrial actors of society, particularly teachers, students and outreach organizations. Since D&O infrastructure in Chile is limited, DO2  encourages the growth D&O activities with a long-term impact



Key Achievements


The experience of our group in D&O activities spans a period of over ten years. Our members have actively participated in the following activities:

  • International exhibition “From the Grain to the Avalanche”, Explora - Conicyt, 2002.
  • International exhibition “Jeux des Grains, Tas de Sable et Avalanches”, 2004, in collaboration with the Centre-Sciences Orléans, France, under the sponsorship of Pierre Gilles de Gennes and Étienne Guyon.
  • Exhibition “Play of the Atoms, New Materials”, Explora - Conicyt, 2006.
  • interactive exhibition “Genes: Instructions of Life”, 2009.
  • Usach Planetarium, Audiovisual ”Lights from Infinity: Uncovering the Colors of the Universe”, 2007.
  • Speech seminars and discussions like the cycle of speech seminars, “A Hundred Years under the Light of Einstein”, Centro Cultural Matucana 100, 2005.
  • Appearances both in the press and in TV broadcasts: TV broadcast “Estamos en Contacto”, Canal 13 Cable, report on Einstein and the International Year of Physics, November 2005.


In addition, the Physics Department has organized the Laboratory Project Encouraging Experimental Physics in High School (http://incentivarlafisica.usach.cl/) and also the recent XVII Chilean Olympics of Physics (http://www.olimpiadachilenadefisica.cl/). We also take part every year of the Semana Nacional de la Ciencia y la Tecnología (www.explora.cl).





Soft Matter (“where physics meets chemistry meets biology”, in the words of the editorial statement of a leading journal on the subject) is in the proper sense of the term, a relatively new research area in Chile. SMAT-C will undertake the necessary actions to introduce the basic ideas of Soft Matter, especially to students and teachers. Besides usual outreach activities aimed to reach large audiences we shall focus our efforts in the training of human resources (teachers, students). On the other hand, our previous experience indicates that successful D&O activities are those in which the participant is actively involved. We therefore encourage initiatives such as collaborations in laboratory experiments and research projects. These efforts will be accompanied by a commitment between the Center and the students/teachers to maintain contact, in order to get the necessary feedback for the future improvement of activities, and also to nourish success indicators associated to D&O.


Some of our members are directly involved in the Physical Science Education Program, recently opened in our Physics Department and which was created to satisfy the need of science teachers in the Chilean education system. This offers a unique opportunity of D&O expansion, since today’s students will turn into the teachers of the future. We expect this kind of actions to go far beyond usual D&O programs. Besides, we will continue developing traditional D&O activities like conferences, seminars to broad audiences and organizing scientific meetings.



Next Activities:


  • Hands-on Labs for Teachers: we will invite teachers to work in our laboratories for two days. They will be taught in well-chosen hands-on soft matter experiments in order that they get the training to perform similar experiments with their students.
  • Early initiation to research (national activity): a number of 10 research proposals (prior call for projects) by high school students throughout the country will be selected. Students will receive a grant to stay for a week in Santiago as well as access to our laboratories in order to perform their research projects.
  • Collaborations with Science Museums in Chile: we will enforce our existing relations, specifically in the development of new training activities of professors. Already successful programs exist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco (http://www.exploratorium.edu/ti/) and at-Bristol Museum in Bristol.
  • USACH and its surroundings: our University is located in a cultutally rich neighbourhood of Santiago. The University´s Planetarium leads the project “Circuito Cultural Santiago Poniente” (www.circuitocultural.cl), whose goal is to protect and promote this part of the city as a culturally and educationally rich neighborhood.
  • Science of Food program: inspired by the Molecular Gastronomy of Hervé This, the program shall be focused in the performance of seminars addressing the physicochemical properties of food with in-situ experimental demonstrations.
  • Other activities: Use of USACH´s Exhibition Room Estación Commercial Gallery; Open House visits to the Center´s laboratories; scheduled visits to our laboratories aimed to primary and secondary school students; summer-schools for secondary students; participation in the National Science and Technology Week (annual) through Explora - Conicyt program; information about the Center in the annual bulletin of the Facultad Tecnológica (USACH); interactive (itinerant) exhibitions with Explora program; one local meeting per year with researchers and engineers working in Soft Matter related problems (food, packaging, etc); an international conference on the topics developed in this project at the end of the 3rd year; to participate in an international exhibition on Soft Matter.
  • Current activities: We are part of the team leaded by Prof. Étienne Guyon (ESPCI, Paris) and Michel Darche (Centre-Sciences, Orléans) designing the International exhibition “Ça coule ou ça casse”, that will show the latest progresses in Materials Science, particularly Soft Matter, to an international audience (including Chile). We are developing four tabletop experiments and striking demonstrations for the exhibition. This activity is scheduled for the end of 2010 in Paris.


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