Industrial Liasons

Industrial Liaison and Technology Transfer Unit ILT2

The mission of the ILT2 is to bridge industrial needs and the expertise embedded in SMAT-C. A key strategic goal of this unit is to understand the core processes of relevant businesses streamlining access to SMAT-C through meetings and events that specifically address technology needs, promoting networking among scientist and business players. ILT2 acts as a house light helping to connect industrial representatives to the right people in the center. Industrial internships of the center;s graduate students are currently encouraged. SMAT-C has developed various interactions along its operations needed for technology transfer success at in-wall (university) and out-wall boundaries (industry, national innovation and research councils, technology transfer centers and business angels' networks). ILT2 plays a key role as an interface between the center and stakeholders nationally and internationally.



ILT2 plays a key part on the strategy for value generation of the research produced at SMAT-C. The protection of the generated technology or products (IPR) is managed based on their novelty and market potential. Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA) and Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) are in place to facilitate in depth discussions and test of technologies by third parties. The described activities are managed in coordinated fashion with the Technology Transfer Office (DGT) of USACH. Last but not least, ILT2 is encouraging technical consultancies and analytical services among its highly trained research personnel and advanced infrastructure. SMAT-C will be certified by CORFO under the tax incentive Act (Law) No 20.241 for private (industry) funding of research projects.

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