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Soft Matter Research and Technology Center

The Center of Soft Matter Research and Technology (SMAT-C) aims to develop research of excellence in Chile, contributing with a high technical expertise in soft matter related economical activities promoting a sustainable knowledge based economy. Our interdisciplinary center includes physicists, chemists, biologists and food engineers joint together to approach basic and applied problems originally motivated by food and engineering applications. SMAT-C brings together the Biophysics, the Complex Material and the Thin Film Objects Laboratories of the Physics Department, the Packaging and the Physical Properties of Food Laboratories of the Technological Faculty and the Electrochemistry and Coating Film Laboratories of the Chemistry Department.

Nano and Micromechanics of Soft Matter Systems

A research project focused on the analysis of interfaces with strong emphasis on applications.  Nano and micro-fibers, nerve fibers, pollen tubes,  eggshells, fruit cuticles, endothelial membranes,  lipid membranes, nanoparticle films and aggregates, polymer films, or pollen grains are some of the main objects of research.

Surface Spectral UV Radiation and UV-Linked Effects on Endemic Species

Exposure to solar UV radiation leads to adverse effects on the biosphere including terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems as well as public health, and these effects are more dramatic in the Antarctica. This research project aims to study UV-linked effects will be focused on the cuticles and on the DNA molecules of some Antarctic species.

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